TTM Success #1: Bobby Shantz

Player: Bobby Shantz
Sent: 4/6/19
Return: 4/12/19 (6 days)
Ratio: 2/3
Item: 2 custom cards, 1 5×7 photo (added)
Address Source: email address via Sports Card Forum

Last Friday, I took the opportunity of a 3 day weekend to drop my first two player TTM attempts in the mail.  When I started to test the TTM waters, I saw what a true all-star Bobby Shantz is.  He’s 93 years old (proudly the oldest living MVP).  

Growing up in Philly, I was always fascinated by the idea of what Philadelphia baseball would have looked like if the Athletics hadn’t packed up and went west to Kansas City.  It’s very likely that i would have been an A’s fan instead of a Phillies fan based on little more than I like green and blue more than red.  So here is Bobby Shantz, a guy that played for Connie Mack in Shibe Park for both the building’s tenants.

Bobby Shantz was high on my want list and these are the second and third cards I designed in this style.  In fact, it’s because of Shantz’s legendary inscriptions that inspired me to create a design with so much white space. 

I printed two copies of each card.  I didn’t include a donation, but I did send a copy of each card as a gift to Bobby, as a thank you, basically, for being a near-centurian that’s still kicking hefty amounts of ass as one of he best active TTM signers in the sport.  On my letter of request (LOR), I asked Shantz what his favorite stadium to play in was.

The return was actually better than I expected.  I received back signed cards (one each of the designs I sent), a color 5×7 with a “Best Wishes” inscription and not just an answer to my question (Yankee Stadium) and also added “Thanks for the photos” on the letter.

I can only hope that I make it to 93.

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