2 Custom Bobby Shantz Cards Ready to Send Out TTM

I came up with two designs for Bobby Shantz.  Shantz is the guy that motivated me to try to maximize the white space in these designs.  He’s built himself a reputation for loading up the inscriptions, and rightfully so, he earned plenty of accolades during his career, and his most (and the one he seems to be most proud of) is that of “Oldest Living MVP 93”, which he if you read the TTM boards usually finds its way onto a card or a photo.

Besides his status as a GOAT among baseball players that honor TTM requests is that not only did he play for the Phillies (briefly), but he also played for two iterations of the Athletics, first in Philadelphia, and then moving to the mid-west with the club when the A’s relocated to Kansas City.  Connie Mack Stadium fell two years before I was born, but I wonder sometimes if I would have been an Athletics fan had the team stayed in Philly.  As a traditionalist that hates the designated hitter, I’d like to say I would have been a National League devotee.  But hell, if the A’s stay in Philly, does Charlie Finley buy the club, and then does he have a voice to advocate the DH?

I honestly never considered that until just now.  Welcome to 3AM thoughts at Ashburn & Yawkey…

I’m heading to the post office in the morning to ship a lot of Mookie Betts cards that I took a bath on selling on eBay, so the Neshek and Shantz cards will be on the way to PA tomorrow. 

Hopefully I get the same quick turnaround time return luck that other guys have had with Pat and Bobby.  Getting a couple returns quickly I think will be a confidence booster to get some of the other cards out to their targets.

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