TTM Success: Mike Eruzione

Mike Eruzione
Team: US Olympic Hockey Team (’80)
Sent: 3/25/19
Return: 3/29/19 (4 days)
Ratio: 0/1
Items: 5×7 photo
Address Source: email address Sports Card Forum

When I started dabbing my toe in back into the TTM waters last month, I found myself browsing through the SCF database and finding that some people will send you an autograph if you ask.  It’s a great way to get some confidence up in this TTM game, and an easy way to build a quick collection.  Mike Eruzione is the first hockey player I found that would do this.

What I thought was pretty interesting is that the address on the envelope looks like it was written by Mike.  Considering the email went to his Boston University email address, and the Eagles are in the middle of the NCAA tournament, I would have assumed that even if Mike returned as quickly as he has for other collectors, that he probably would have had a graduate assistant, or even the student manager handle the envelopes.

Anyway, Mike is working through what seems to be a very tall stack of 5×7’s featuring a photo from the ’02 Olympics when he had the honors of lighting the cauldron.  The photo has a thick white border, which I like if you’re planning on framing for a man cave wall-hanger.  But my photo got creased on the border in the mail, so I may actually use a straight edge cutter to trim it down.

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