Fan Pack: Oakland Athletics

Team: Oakland Athletics
Sent: 3/11/19
Return: 3/21/19 (10 days)
Ratio: 0/6
Item: 3 oversized cards, pen, keychain, team stats sheet
Address Source: email address via Sports Card Forum

I’ve always had a softspot for the Athletics, being a Philly native, I always played the “what-if” game with how would my baseball fandom be different had the A’s never left.
The Athletics’ logo sets and colors have always caught my eye right, and if New York can handle two teams, surely a superior city like Philadelphia could handle the weight…

Anyway, this may be my favorite return so far this year.  Not necessarily for any other reason but the ’74 Topps style on the cards and that they really didn’t cheap on the quality of the keychain (which landed at the perfect time, because I need a new keychain).  The cards showcase Marcus Semien, Ray Fosse and Dennis Eckersley.

The pen has a ball chain necklace attached, so that probably won’t get much play, and the team fact sheet while a nice addition, and great attention to detail, doesn’t have anything on it that can’t be found on Wikipedia.

The cards are awesome looking though, and with Fosse and Eckersley both working as broadcasters (Fosse is an analyst in Oakland, and Eck still, much to someone’s shagrin, calling games in Boston) I may turn these back out and see if I can’t get some John Hancocks on them.

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