Fan Pack: Boston Red Sox

Team: Boston Red Sox
Sent: 3/11/19
Return: 3/21/19 (10 days)
Ratio: 0/4
Item: Fenway dirt, sticker, schedule, handwritten note
Address Source: email address via Sports Card Forum

Anyone else old enough to remember the “yellow and blue make green!” Ziplock commercials?  No?  Just me?  Okay.
The Red Sox always have a strong fan pack entry that’s anchored by a little baggie of dirt from Fenway Park.  Unfortunately for me, that baggie opened up in transit.  I did manage to transfer the dirt out of the envelope into a ziplock bag.  Great design on the pocket schedule featuring the Commissioner’s Trophy.  And the handwritten note from Fenway Ambassador Phil Derick is a nice touch, particularly on the Sox’ championship stationary that they’ve had to update a little more often in the last decade than they had in the previous 80-some years.

Author: paul

2 thoughts on “Fan Pack: Boston Red Sox

  1. Following your blog made me want to get my own Red Sox fan pack, and it arrived yesterday! I must have caught them on a good day, because I got everything you did plus a picture of Dustin Pedroia. Now my daughter wants me to request an Orioles one for her! Thanks for these fun posts!

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