Fan Pack: Philadelphia Phillies

Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Sent: 3/11/19
Return: 3/18/19 (7 days)
Ratio: 0/3
Item: 2 oversized cards, pocket schedule
Address Source: email address via Sports Card Forum

What an offseason these freaking guys had.  Figures, they wait until I move out of state to “spend stupid money” to bring in three 2018 All-Stars and one of my favorite character players.  And seriously, find me a scarier middle of the line-up than Segura, Harper, Hoskins and Realmuto.  If it were the Mets, I’d say “that should be illegal”.

This is my team though, and I was hoping for something a little better than 2 oversized cards and a pocket schedule.  The funny thing is, the cards don’t even feature the team’s new logo (which I think is a downgrade from the logo that was a downgrade from that awesome fat maroon P era logo set).

I do always appreciate when teams include pocket schedules in their fan packs (seems like a no-brainer, especially this time of year), because I would like to start building a schedule collection.

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