Fan Pack: Pawtucket Red Sox

Team: Pawtucket Red Sox
Sent: 3/11/19
Return: 3/15/19 (4 days)
Ratio: 0/2
Item: pocket schedules
Address Source: email address via Sports Card Forum

This is the new “hometown” team.  Closest pro team to my new home up here in Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even get all my bags unpacked before we found out the team would be moving to a new stadium in Worcester (Woostah, khed!).  A real shame, too.  McCoy Stadium, for it’s weird raised seating bowl and concrete jungle concourse, has a lot of history (and they have no problem reminding you that the longest game in history was played there).  Not to mention, the move will probably displace the Worceester Bravehearts NEBL organization.

Two pocket schedules featuring the “50 years” anniversary logo.  It’s a shame we won’t get to 52.

Author: paul

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